Trust in Teams: Building a Team Culture Around You

posted by: Beth Erskine
Last Updated: 03 August 2018
Created: 20 July 2018



"Without trust there is no leadership. Seems rather simple, doesn’t it? In reality, however, it is not. Very few managers are leaders. The difference between the two? A manager is someone who has people reporting to them. A leader is someone who people will follow, even if they don’t report to them. What separates the two is the trust and respect of people."
~Ekaterina Walter, Forbes Magazine
In this session we will discuss how trust in teams is actually what makes a group of people an effective team. Without trust, no matter your position, you will not be able to lead people or create change. Trust is not built through words, it is built through actions over time. Having awareness of the trust and how you impact that is a the key to developing a strategy as a leader. We will focus on that mindset and develop some goals during our time together.
Anna Stumpf is a Professor of Marketing at Anderson University. Taking a unique path to teaching in higher education, as a first generation college student, Anna graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Marketing from Missouri State and began a decade long career with Wal-Mart. During her time there she relocated 13 times to 6 different states.


Through her career took her through more than just geography, she had many titles and worked in different divisions, Professor Stumpf maintains “It was my time in training and development for the company that I realized the desire to create meaningful classroom content and teach real world concepts.”

After leaving Wal-Mart in 2003, she pursued a Master of Arts in Teaching and began an eight-year career as a high school business teacher. Though teaching high school was rewarding, Stumpf felt that she had more business experience to offer and earned an MBA in 2011 which allowed her to transition into the collegiate classroom.

Stumpf’s approach to the classroom is simple: “I pride myself on never having a student in any seat in any classroom ever wonder ‘when will I ever use this?’ It is my passion to answer that question before they think of it”. With a passion for branding, sport marketing, social media and personal development, Anna enjoys teaching using real world concepts. She is currently finishing her doctorate in the area of social media engagement.



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