Caitlyn Dolenski Receives the Dickmann Award

posted by: Beth Erskine
Last Updated: 29 June 2018
Created: 29 June 2018


Anderson High School Senior and 2017 YLA Graduate, Caitlyn Dolenski was recently recognized by the Anderson Noon Rotary Club as the recipient of the Dickmann Youth Community Service Award Winner.  Sally DeVoe (LAMC '06), Executive Director of the Madison County Community Foundation presented the scholarship on behalf of the Foundation. 

Here at Leadership Academy of Madison County, we are proud to call Caitlyn one of own and very proud (though not surprised) that she received this award.  We also want to thank her for selecting Youth Leadership Academy as the recipient of the matching award for all her efforts.  Caitlyn's gift to YLA has been placed in a scholarship fund to allow other youth to be a part of YLA.  

Here's an excerpt from her Rotary comments that will give you a glimpse into this young lady's heart for others:

           "When I first applied for the Dickmann Community service scholarship I wanted to know more about the Dickmann family. I wanted to learn who they were and why volunteering and giving back to the community was so close to their heart.

            After some research I found out that, Mr. Dickmann first started service to our country while in WWII, he was a successful attorney, a person who cared for humanity and this community. He and his wife Hazel gave to many upstanding charities, they cared enough to continue their giving and caring legacy. One of their acts of kindness was leaving endowments to be entrusted to the Madison County Community Foundation. Thus, what this community and service and philanthropy meant to them. Volunteering is important to me too.

            I learned early that giving back was a part of who my family was. I practically grew up at St. Vincent's, I was always included in everything that my mom and dad did. But the path that was laid out for me has shaped who I have become. I didn't realize that everyone wasn't like our family. Not everyone has been exposed to servant leadership, I saw through Youth Leadership of Madison County that young adults can be cultivated and can be changed! Pam Shoot, the director, leads by example. I am happy to share this award with the Youth Leadership Academy of Madison County to help youth in this community who otherwise not be able to afford this amazing opportunity. I know that the work done by youth leadership would make the Dickmann’s proud that young adults are changing this community.

            Thank you to the committee at the Madison County Community Foundation and the Rotary Club for awarding this scholarship to me. I will continue my volunteering in this community after I return from Hanover with my biology degree as a Physical Therapist. Thank you!"

Catilyn, it is all of us who say Thank You to you.  You make us proud and we can't wait to see where life takes you and the good works that will follow.  Congratulations on this scholarship and award!  



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