Someone Else's Story

posted by: Beth Erskine
Last Updated: 16 November 2017
Created: 10 November 2017




I had heard much about the LAMC program from several others that had completed the program in years past, and all of their comments, thoughts, and feelings were overwhelmingly positive.  While each of those folks shared some of their personal experiences with me, they all said I needed to experience it for myself and I would see the impact it can have on someone.  It took all of about a half a day to understand what they meant.

The Opening Retreat was all that I feared, and all that I hoped, that it would be.  I’m a private person by nature, and so group settings, activities, and sharing are a bit outside my comfort zone.  While I feared that part of the program, I was hopeful that I could somehow overcome it and open up to the opportunity and to those around me, and the agenda and activities of the Opening Retreat did just that.

Although I took many things away from the Opening Retreat, the understanding that you cannot judge someone once you hear their story is the one that really resonated with me.  I had not considered such a perspective before, but after spending two full days with my classmates I clearly understood what it meant.  As a group we shared much of our personal lives, past and present, through various exercises and activities, the most impactful for me being the TimeLine exercise.  As a result I have a much different understanding, respect, and appreciation for those folks today than when I first met them.

So, after learning from our first few sessions, I would remind you that it’s easy to make assumptions and even judge someone based on your view of that person…until you hear their story.

Mark Currier, CFO, Kleenco Maintenance and Construction

LAMC Class of 2018


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