Molding The Future by Preston Davis, YLA '18

posted by: Beth Erskine
Last Updated: 25 September 2017
Created: 15 September 2017


I made so many great memories, never-ending friendships, and great leadership skills. I learned that it takes teamwork to get a job done and that it is okay to have to depend on other people sometimes. I learned that even though someone may not have the same ideas as me, that we both can still use both of our ideas to create an amazing product. Working together with people with different personalities and working towards the same goal creates a bond that can never be broken. 

Many people describe family as being people that share the same blood as you. However, camp taught me that family is way deeper than blood. People that you can count on, that have your back, that want you to succeed, that's what you call family. I am blessed to be a part of this amazing group and I know that everything that I learn will mold me into a better young man and leader. 



Grow. Serve. Lead.