Sponsors of Leadership Academy of Madison County at Class of 2017 graduation

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Be a part of something great

We believe that in every individual there is the heart of a leader. Each year a select group of individuals participate in a life-changing leadership journey. Through the Leadership Academy of Madison County and the Youth Leadership Academy, participants develop their personal missions and build individual leadership skills. They come to understand themselves, team dynamics, and community issues more fully. But more than this, they learn to how to collaborate ... to come together and discover shared gifts and talents. And they graduate with the knowledge and passion to build consensus and to work toward solving the problems of our communities.

Out of a group of individuals grows a driving force for change ... an energized, grassroots network of servant leaders who will continue to work together build a strong, vibrant future for Madison County.

“We have made at least a start on discovering the meaning of human life when we plant shade trees under which we know full well we will never sit.”  -D. Elton Trueblood

Help plant the seeds of servant leadership

The Leadership Academy of Madison County and the Youth Leadership Academy rely on the generous support of community sponsors to sustain the programs that build the foundation of servant leadership in Madison County. We look to you,  business leaders, corporate executives, and community-minded individuals, and ask you to invest in leadership education.



What Sponsors Say about LAMC 

"St. Vincent Anderson has been honoured to support Leadership Academy for many years. Through my own Leadership Academy experience, I learned so much about Madison County and developed many valuable relationships. Leadership Academy builds awareness of service opportunities and teaches us about working in teams, thinking creatively and fostering innovation. Our community is so fortunate to have this resource to mentor leaders. By supporting Leadership Academy, we support the growth of leaders and the success of our community."
- Mike Schroyer, Regional President, St. Vincent Anderson/Mercy/Randolph (LAMC 2017)

"Anderson University has been an enthusiastic partner of the Leadership Academy of Madison County (LAMC) for decades knowing that the outcomes of the program benefits not only the individual, but the entire community. The Leadership Academy is keeping Madison County moving forward by inspiring and developing leaders. Learning and growing are essential to the success of any individual or organization and LAMC provides the experience of both.  As a campus and member of the greater community, we are privileged to benefit from the service of others and the opportunities to serve alongside others through LAMC."
- Stephanie Moran, Anderson University Director of Engagements and Partnership

"I've been a Madison County resident my entire life and had been working in Anderson for more than 20 years when I attended Leadership Academy. Because of that, I didn't expect to learn so many new things about our community from the Leadership Academy experience. I am so impressed with the Leadership Academy curriculum. It helps students begin to think about our comunity in a different way, teaches them how to work together in teams, inspires collaboration, and demonstrates how they can personally make a difference. Leadership Academy helps build stronger leaders and a stronger community."
- Marlene Carey, Regional Marketing Officer, St.Vincent Northeast Region (LAMC '08)

"The employees of Community Hospital Anderson strive to be active participants in -- and advocates for -- the community, as well as exemplary communicators with our patients, families, and each other. LAMC gives us the tools and resources needed to turn these ideals into a culture that benefits CHA both internally and externally."
- Beth Tharp, President & CEO, Community Hospital Anderson (LAMC '06) and Tom Bannon, VP & Chief Foundation Officer, Community Hospital Anderson (LAMC '96)

"Leadership Academy of Madison County is a wonderful program that our company has supported and which we encourage our employees and community members to consider. LAMC nurtures the leaders of tomorrow, teaches principles that increase individuals' opportunities to influence the world, and encourages a life of service. We have seen lives transformed through this program, and we couldn't be more excited about how this organization is moving Madison County forward."
- The Gaither Music Company Executive Staff

"The Leadership Academy of Madison County offers an invaluable resource to our community by continuously building a diverse population of servant leaders who are leading Anderson and Madison County with compassion, creativity, innovation, and dedication. Hoosier Park Racing & Casino has been a proud sponsor and partner of the Leadership Academy of Madison County for many years, and we recognize the value and importance of having our very own team members engaged in the program. The future of Anderson and Madison County is bright and we extend a sincere thank you for the Leadership Academy of Madison County for contributing to the vision."
- Rick Moore, Hoosier Park's Vice President and General Manager of Racing

"LAMC is all about bringing out the leadership that is already there within. Without servant leadership, our communities die ... literally. That is why the Madison County Chamber continues to cheerlead and sponsor this inspiring program."
- Kyle Morey, President & CEO, Madison County Chamber


Legacy & Trustee Program Sponsors