LAMC "The Leadership Experience"

Leadership Academy of Madison County Class of 2018

Originally sponsored by Anderson University and the Madison County Chamber, Leadership Academy of Madison County is an educational program designed to offer a probing study of community challenges and to explore methods of meeting those challenges through the discovery and practice of 21st-century leadership skills.

Leadership Academy is committed to providing Madison County with a diverse, highly skilled and competent core of community servant leaders.

The purpose of the Leadership Academy of Madison County is to develop servant leaders by exposing our participants to the best practices for community leadership. Through a format of lecture, open dialogue, on-site visitation and class interaction, a participant will be exposed to capacities of leadership such as visioning, collaboration, community building activities and being a good Board member. We will meet twice during the year with the Youth Leadership Academy and service projects are coordinated through the Academy.

LAMC-Leadership-Quotes-MLKWhat Graduates Say about The LAMC Leadership Experience

“LAMC has made me more aware of community needs as well as my own place in helping to meet those needs.” –Marc Adams

“LAMC has changed my life. The amount of perspective and self-awareness I have gained will help me not only professionally but personally. The nature of the curriculum, which is geared to all, has the ability to affect everyone differently—relationships within my community, my employees and myself.”
–Lindsey Cuneo

“This experience has made me much more optimistic about the future of Madison County. I have a greater connection with the community.” –Mark Elliott

“Through this experience, my eyes were opened to my potential for being an effective leader, and I was provided the tools to fulfill that potential. LAMC also builds a community that encourages each of us to stretch our leadership muscles and make a positive difference in Madison County.” -Alex Hammel

“I have used numerous activities with my employees to gauge self-awareness and personality traits. It’s forced me to take time and reevaluate how I lead and impact people.” –Tom Johns

“Prior to LAMC I had not put much thought into being a servant leader. I was just leading when I had the time. I am now trying to spend time with people, helping them feel better about themselves and setting goals. I have been inspired to make a difference in someone’s life!” –Heidi Pierce

“I have learned how to think beyond myself and my organization. Leadership is more than taking the reins. It is motivating people, using resources, and helping others.” –Linda Radaker

“LAMC has been a valuable experience in helping me to meet wonderful, dedicated people within Madison County.” –Michael Schroyer

“Every session was powerful and insightful. I was able to make excellent friends, business connections and partners in future collaborations.” –Rob Spaulding

“I came into LAMC being a new resident of Madison County and I was nervous. I am now a proud resident of Madison County!” –Sarah VanOrman

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