LAMC "The Leadership Experience"

Leadership Academy of Madison County Class of 2018

Originally sponsored by Anderson University and the Madison County Chamber, Leadership Academy of Madison County is an educational program designed to offer a probing study of community challenges and to explore methods of meeting those challenges through the discovery and practice of 21st-century leadership skills.

Leadership Academy is committed to providing Madison County with a diverse, highly skilled and competent core of community servant leaders.

The purpose of the Leadership Academy of Madison County is to develop servant leaders by exposing our participants to the best practices for community leadership. Through a format of lecture, open dialogue, on-site visitation and class interaction, a participant will be exposed to capacities of leadership such as visioning, collaboration, community building activities and being a good Board member. We will meet twice during the year with the Youth Leadership Academy and service projects are coordinated through the Academy.

LAMC-Leadership-Quotes-MLKWhat Graduates Say about The LAMC Leadership Experience

"We learned how to use our collective strengths and weaknesses, and combined learning and leadership styles, to help address and provide for the needs of our community."
— Mark Currier

"The community is full of people who want to make it better. Working together, I think that we can accomplish so much. — Deb Sorrell

"The best way to become a great leader is to make great leaders out of those in your community."
— Andy Sovern

"We are all connected, we all have a story and once you take the time to know each others stories, you can no longer judge each other."
— Lacey Holder

"We need to continue to grow and invest in each other and our community. Growth is easy if we will allow ourselves to be open to possibilities."
— Patty Lovins

"I believe that it is my role to encourage, support and encourage others to unwrap their full potential and abilities. Great leaders get the right people in the right roles to deliver results to improve the environment around them."
— Leah Maxey

"I want to stay in Madison County! We have so many wonderful people and amazing programs right here. Instead of leaving Madison County to move somewhere else, I need to be the change I want to see in the community. It takes leadership to build up a community, and I want to be a part of the positive growth."
— Chelsea Call

"It is far more effective to show someone how to be a leader than telling them."
— Ron Parker

"Being a leader means not just talking the talk, but also walking the walk. It means being an example for others to follow."
— Maureen Duncan

"LAMC not only has shown me how to become a more effective leader, but also has shown me how many selfless people there are in our community who passionate about improving Madison County."
— Donavon DeVerney

"LAMC definitely exceeded my expectations. There are so many amazing people and opportunities in our community that I never would have known about had it not been for LAMC. I also learned more about myself that I ever thought I could. I gained new friendships and connections that will last throughout my life. Deca Williams Being a leader means being able to identify a need or issue and being willing to step up and tackle that issue."
— Kari Sisk

"Anderson, Indiana isn't making a never left! The roots have long been established and it's up to us to continue building on this rich foundation. There are opportunities to get involved all over the place, we just need to continue opening our eyes and finding our place."
— Matt Stauffer

"One of the best lessons that I took away from this experience is the true meaning behind "No man is an island." (John Dunne). We are all connected. We are all important."
— Ashley Stout

"I have learned not to assume that you know someone; start a conversation and get to know their story. It makes a difference in how you talk or interact with others."
— Kelly Partlow

"I believe this program is valuable to our community because it establishes a connection with the passion in the community. Often, even when someone want to help, it can be difficult to find the crowd that is passionate about making the community a better place to live. This program allows you direct access to this crowd, which not only taps you into the passion other people possess, but also allows you to access your own passion, which is where the spark for change is born."
— Chris Keaton

"Being a leader means paying attention to the needs and problems in your community and taking the time and putting in the effort to make your community the best it can be."
— Jackie Alexander

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