LAMC Announcement

It is with excitement that the Board of Directors announces the decision to resume all LAMC programs for the 2022-2023 year.  Applications for the LAMC Class of 2023 are now being accepted.

LAMC "The Leadership Experience"

Class of 2020 opening retreat

Originally sponsored by Anderson University and the Madison County Chamber, Leadership Academy of Madison County is an educational program designed to offer a probing study of community challenges and to explore methods of meeting those challenges through the discovery and practice of 21st-century leadership skills.

Leadership Academy is committed to providing Madison County with a diverse, highly skilled and competent core of community servant leaders.

The purpose of the Leadership Academy of Madison County is to develop servant leaders by exposing our participants to the best practices for community leadership. Through a format of lecture, open dialogue, on-site visitation and class interaction, a participant will be exposed to capacities of leadership such as visioning, collaboration, community building activities and being a good Board member. We will meet twice during the year with the Youth Leadership Academy and service projects are coordinated through the Academy.

LAMC-Leadership-Quotes-MLKWhat Graduates Say about The LAMC Leadership Experience

"LAMC is valuable to our community because when we bring together each amazingly diverse group of community leaders, it provides an insight that otherwise may not be seen. Separately we can do good things but together we can make tremendous changes in our county." Kelsey Antrim, CASA

"Being a leader means listening. Being able to take other people's opinions and thoughts into consideration when making decisions." Beth Bates, Alexandria Community Schools

"Being a leader means being your best self. Leaders bravely show up to support and encourage others so they can lean into the journey of knowing their best self." Jen Bell, Miso Energy

"LAMC is valuable to our community because they are intentional about celebrating the diversity of leadership in this community—diverse in settings, experience, gifts, seasons of life and styles. With this kind of affirmation, leaders are empowered to be all they are called to be. Leaders are challenged to not only discover who they are a s a leader but grow from that point to become an even better leader. The community can't help but become better as its leaders grow." Corinne Boruff, First United Methodist Church

"Through LAMC I learned how to understand how others think and process is critical in knowing how to work with them. And, don't forget to have fun!" Gina Brisco, Gaither's Management Group

"LAMC taught me that the word "leadership" does not just mean the person who is in the very front leading the way. I believe it takes every person from each type of personality category to create a great team and awesome leaders in the community." Katie Brown, Citizens State Bank

"Being a leader means taking initiative to recognize and address areas of need, making positive changes and inspiring others to want to do the same." Renee Dunham, Red Gold

"LAMC has been a wonderful experience from opening doors and meeting new people but most importantly understanding what is going on right here in Madison County." Brian Garrett, Anderson Country Club

"A leader is someone who influences, mentor, encourages and serves others. A leader is humble and willing to admit to his/her mistakes. Most of all, they bring the best out in people and celebrate the success of others." Missy Simpson, Community Hospital Anderson

"I learned in LAMC that being a leader means you need to draw upon multiple resources to be effective. You need to rely upon your own skills, the strength of others and their skills, and the resources in your community." Kristin Thorrington-Cook, Rowland Title Co.

"LAMC is valuable because it brings people together who truly want to make a difference, but may feel too "small" to do anything on their own—it connects you to a group who makes you feel empowered and helps put ideas and dreams into action." Cayla Truman, Central Indiana Orthopedics


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