Alumni and supporters of Leadership Academy of Madison County at class of 2017 graduation

About Leadership Academy of Madison County

The Leadership Academy of Madison County (LAMC) was founded in 1981. Servant leaders, those individuals who are working to grow and improve our communities, are an integral part of the Academy. LAMC believes that servant leaders may be developed through educational programming, mentoring of program participants by Academy leaders, and engaging the program participants in projects and opportunities for community service. Through the classes of LAMC both adult and youth, Madison County and central Indiana is a community preparing for the future.

Begun as a lecture series on leadership in business and community, Leadership Academy evolved over the years into an experiential learning program to develop Servant Leadership skills in those who would take the reigns of business, government, and non-profit leadership in Madison County. The program now focuses on building specific skills in visioning, collaboration, consensus building, teamwork, and community awareness and action. 

Through the classes of LAMC both adult and youth, Madison County and central Indiana is a community preparing for the future. 

How Does it Prepare Participants for Leadership? 

The Leadership Academy of Madison County's 11-session, interactive curriculum educates and motivates future leaders to serve and create positive change in our businesses, government, and community. Our comprehensive curriculum prepares graduates to not only become more aware but to take an active role in addressing the critical issues facing Madison County. 

Similarly, Youth Leadership Academy prepares young people to become future community leaders through hands-on activities and interaction with community leaders. 

More information is available on the LAMC and YLA program pages (links to the right). 

Who is Selected for the Program? 

LAMC is open to Madison County residents and to those with business or civic activities in the community. Participants must have a desire to learn about the community and a willingness and commitment to serve Madison County. Enrollment is limited, and all applications must be received by the deadline to be considered. Selection criteria include an interest in community affairs, the ability to commit to the multi-session program schedule, a desire for increased community service, and evidence of leadership ability. LAMC also seeks to create a balance of professional expertise and geographic representation from around the county in each class. 

YLA is open to incoming high school juniors in Madison County high schools. Students must apply in the spring of their sophomore year for participation in the program during their junior year. Enrollment is limited to 36 participants. Successful applicants will have satisfactory academic, attendance, and citizenship records and will have demonstrated leadership ability and interest in the community.  

What Community Leaders Say about LAMC & YLA

"LAMC provided a great opportunity to network and build relationships in Madison County." - Leah Campbell, Marketing Director, Community Hospital

"I had two sons who when through the Youth Leadership Academy. I am so grateful for what they learned through that program." - Keith Trent, Retired Foundation Officer, Community Hospital Anderson

"LAMC keeps Madison County at the 'top of our game'." - Stephanie Moran, Board Member, Anderson Community Schools

"I would recommend LAMC to anyone who wants to get connected." - Pam Jones, retired Executive Director, St. John's Hospital Foundation