LAMC is about Community Engagement

Leadership Academy is about Community Engagement and Community Education. We'll introduce you to the communities we serve and the non-profit agencies within them that serve individuals and families in our area.

LAMC is about Servant Leadership

Leadership Academy of Madison County is about developing Servant Leadership. The best leaders start by putting others first. Come and grow with us as you learn key leadership skills that can be applied in any role, making you a better, stronger leader wherever you may be.

LAMC/YLA is about Networking

Leadership Academy of Madison County and Youth Leadership Academy of Madison County is about networking and expanding your resources within the community. As an alum, you are instantly connected to a network of over 1,600 individuals making a difference in your community.

Ready to Make a Difference?

Join the ranks of leaders and future leaders who believe in strong, sustainable communities for Madison County! Click LAMC button at the top of the page to learn more.

Sponsor LAMC & YLA

LAMC & YLA SponsorsLAMC's sponsors are the reason we have been able to provide community education for over 30 years. We can't thank them enough! If you are passionate about Madison County, servant leadership, growing the skills and talents of your staff, and providing training for service to not-profit agencies, then become an LAMC/YLA sponsor today!

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