LAMC "The Leadership Experience"

Leadership Academy of Madison County Class of 2017

Originally sponsored by Anderson University and the Madison County Chamber, Leadership Academy of Madison County is an educational program designed to offer a probing study of community challenges and to explore methods of meeting those challenges through the discovery and practice of 21st-century leadership skills.

Leadership Academy is committed to providing Madison County with a diverse, highly skilled and competent core of community servant leaders.

The purpose of the Leadership Academy of Madison County is to develop servant leaders by exposing our participants to the best practices for community leadership. Through a format of lecture, open dialogue, on-site visitation and class interaction, a participant will be exposed to capacities of leadership such as visioning, collaboration, community building activities and being a good Board member. We will meet twice during the year with the Youth Leadership Academy and service projects are coordinated through the Academy.

LAMC-Leadership-Quotes-MLKWhat Graduates Say about The LAMC Leadership Experience

"My experience with LAMC has been life changing. Not only have I learned about coaching and leadership approaches, but I learned about myself and skills that I can use in my career and my personal life."  - Jeff Bryan 

"The Leadership Academy provides an enlightening look at the wonders in Madison County. Most importantly it plants the seeds for Servant Leadership and community involvement. LAMC is well worth the time and commitment." -Gayle Gernand

"The LAMC experience provided valuable training, activities, and resources that I can use to better serve the community, both personally and professionally." - Sherry Peak Davis

"LAMC contributes to thinking from a larger perspective and including others to reach goals much larger than ourselves! It makes me want to get out and be more involved!" - Eric Scott

"LAMC has introduced me to many amazing people who are passionate about making Madison County a great place. It has also taught be incredible ways to improve my leadership skills and be a more productive and efficient team member." - Colin Short

"LAMC has helped me refocus my gifts and reignite my passions to help my community." - Linda West

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